Hermitage Museum – Russia Tour

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March 8, 2018

Hermitage Museum – Russia Tour

Hermitage Museum

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If you travel to Russia, you should know this country has two capitals, past and present – Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Saint Petersburg is Russia’s second-largest city that is considered to be the cultural and artistic capital of Russia. In fact, every year about 5 million foreign and Russian tourists travel to Saint Petersburg. According to the TripAdvisor magazine, this magnificent city is Russia’s best tourist attraction and one of the best tourist attraction in the world. Through our Saint Petersburg tour, there is an opportunity for tourists who interested in the museum, visit and learn about “The State Hermitage Museum.” The unbelievable and incredible museum have you ever seen, the second largest and the most prestigious museums in the world.


Hermitage Museum - Russia Tour

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“All this is only for the mice and me to admire!” Empress Catherine the Great the Founder. The word “Hermitage” origin is from old French, means a place of solitude. Catherine the Great called her gallery, Hermitage, meaning “hollow corner” or “Solitude place” because only a handful of people were allowed to enter and watch the works in it. In 1764, She ruled Russian ambassadors around the world to find the best pieces of art and purchase them. At that moment She bought more than 200 famous paintings in Europe. She called her private theater, Hermitage, which was built by an Italian architect near the gallery during the years 1783 and 1787, as well.


Hermitage Museum - Travel To Russia

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The huge Hermitage museum has 1786 doors, 1945 windows, and 1057 salons. For the greatness of this museum, we should notice if you pay attention to any work about one minute, you should watch this museum for over 11 years. Hermitage’s massive collection has been exhibited in six buildings. The main building is the Winter Palace, and in the past, it has been the official residence of Russian tsarists. Throughout Saint Petersburg tour, when you walk in this magnificent palace, you will have a strong and unique feeling of the times of the former emperors and the glory of their historical monarchy. The entrance to the courtyard is widespread in red and velvet carpets, and there are large sculptures and mirrors, beautiful paintings and gilded motifs all in the Baroque style, which will fascinate every visitor.


Hermitage Museum - Saint Petersburg

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When you travel to Russia by visiting Hermitage, you can visit paintings of the most beautiful sculptures, handicrafts, jewelry, woven boards and a variety of artworks. The magnificent Hall of Ancient Iranian Civilization, Ancient Greece, Old Egypt, Rome, and China are some of the most prominent parts of this collection.

In the immediate vicinity of the Winter Palace, there was a two-floor building, a building called the Little Hermitage, built between the years 1764 to 1766 by Catherine II by a Russian architect Yuri Velten. In fact, this successful compound building depicts elements of the late Baroque and early Renaissance. Between 1767 and 1769, a cottage on the banks of the River Nova was built by Jean-Baptiste, a lovely hut with a large hall, several living rooms and an orangery for the Queen’s rest. The design pattern of this building originated from the neoclassical style, the same style as the Winter Palace architecture. Today, Hermitage hosts Western European art exhibitions and decorative works. The famous Peacock Clock also holds in this museum.



Address: Palace Square, 2, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 190000
Hours: Open: Closes 6 PM
Director: Mikhail Piotrovsky
Founder: Catherine the Great
Founded: 1764



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