Moscow and Saint Petersburg Tours


Moscow and Saint Petersburg Tour


Visit Moscow and Saint Petersburg for a few days is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the main sights of the capitals or rediscover their beauties and grandeur. Today these cities are the most popular tourist attractions in the country: annually they are visited by more than 10 million travelers from all over the world. Many tourists seek to visit both the Northern Venice (Saint Petersburg) and the Whitestone (Moscow) in the framework of one visit. You can leave Moscow in the evening, fall asleep in a comfortable bus at night, and in the morning arrive in the northern capital. The way of moving between the two capitals can be chosen independently. The transportation is developed at a high level and allows you to travel with 1-hour regular flights or less than 4 hours by the Sapsan trains.

Both Moscow and Saint Petersburg are now considered as the megacities, where life never sleeps, and the whole face of the cities emphasize their majesties. Nevertheless, they surprisingly have different styles, and it is quite natural that Moscow and Saint Petersburg tour is very popular: two different cultures, two different styles. We briefly describe the most visited tourist attractions of Saint Petersburg and Moscow:

  1. Saint Petersburg:

St. Petersburg is gorgeous! It causes delight! The city on the Neva attracts many visitors with its luxurious palaces, museums and theaters, picturesque canals and embankments. In summer Saint Petersburg is especially attractive. Due to the mild climate, there is no exhausting heat, the period of white nights captivates the hearts of millions of tourists, the Gulf of Finland under the sun’s rays warms up quickly (thanks to shallow water), and the palace and park ensembles are in all their splendor. Saint Petersburg tour in the summer is a great chance to get maximum impressions and you can not only go on a boat trip along the rivers and canals, but also visit the famous suburbs (Pavlovsk, Gatchina, Tsarskoye Selo, Petrodvorets), see the bridges divide, swim in the Gulf of Finland, and take vivid pictures of the fountains in Peterhof. Saint Petersburg really can be called one of the most famous and chic cities of our planet. The unique architecture of the city, bridges, and embankments, the beautiful Neva, the majestic Hermitage, the grandiose St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the unique magic of the White Nights will not leave anyone indifferent.

There are many attractions in Saint Petersburg that amaze visitors, but here we describe the most popular attractions in Saint Petersburg:

  1. The State Hermitage Museum: The State Hermitage possesses one of the richest collections of art objects in the world. The basis of the meeting is located in a unique architectural monument – the Winter Palace. The Hermitage is one of the twenty most visited treasuries in the world.
  2. Peterhof: Peterhof is a world-famous palace and park ensemble with fountains. The picturesque palace and park complex is called the Kingdom of Fountains. More than 150 fountains and water cascades adorn the park’s composition. Palaces, pavilions, statues, alleys and flower beds – everything is full of greatness and reminds of a beautiful bygone era.
  3. Saint Isaac’s Cathedral: Isaac’s Cathedral is one of the best examples of Russian cult art. The building of the cathedral is the most beautiful domed structure in Russia and the world. The grandiose dimensions of the temple are comparable only with the scale of the Roman Cathedral of St. Peter, the London Cathedral of St. Paul and the Cathedral of St. Mary in Florence.
  4. Kazan Cathedral: The Kazan Cathedral is an Orthodox Cathedral in the heart of the city. The Cathedral is the largest building in the northern capital, whose height reaches 72 meters. The Cathedral houses the main shrine of the city – Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, and a monument to Russian military glory.
  5. Church of Savior on Spilled Blood: The Cathedral was built on the site of a very tragic event. It was at this place on March 1, 1881, that Emperor Alexander II was killed. The interior of the temple impresses everyone with its splendor. The decoration uses Italian multicolored marbles and Russian semi-precious stones.

You can check the other attractions of Saint Petersburg on our website.


Visit Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Visit Moscow and Saint Petersburg


  1. Moscow

Moscow is popular with tourists from all over the world and tourists from Russia. There you can find hotels and cafes for every taste and purpose, monuments of various styles, expositions of cultural and art objects. Moving around Moscow is convenient and fast with the help of the Moscow Metro – one of the largest in the world regarding the number of stations and passenger traffic. Many stations in the Moscow subway are in themselves architectural monuments. At below we describe you the most top attractions of Moscow, for the rest, you can explore our website:

  1. The Moscow Kremlin: The Kremlin is a remarkable monument of history and architecture, has long become a symbol not only of Moscow but all It is difficult to imagine your visit to Moscow without an excursion to the Kremlin. We will show you not a television or a postcard, this huge masterpiece of world architecture.
  2. Red Square: Red Square is the central square of Moscow. It is located in front of the eastern wall of the Kremlin and on three sides is limited by the building of the State Historical Museum, the building of the GUM and the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed. Red Square for many centuries served as the arena of important events in Russian history.
  3. Basil’s Cathedral: The Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed is one of the most striking and famous monuments of ancient Russian architecture. Already in the 16th century, the cathedral admired travelers and guests of Moscow, and for Russians, it became a symbol of national history and national character.
  4. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior: The Cathedral of Christ the Savior is the largest temple of the Russian Church. Its height is 105 meters, and its capacity is 10,000 people. The existing structure, built in the 1990’s, is a reconstruction of the temple of the same name, created in the 19th century.
  5. State Department Store (GUM): GUM is one of the largest shopping complexes in Moscow, which is located in the heart of the city facing the Red Square and also is an architectural monument of federal significance. Today GUM has more than 200 shops and salons, where a lot of brands of clothes, shoes, perfumes, jewelry, linens, children’s goods, household goods are represented, which are visited by more than 30 thousand customers every day.


Moscow and Saint Petersburg Tour

Moscow and Saint Petersburg Tour


Our Russian tour company with a long experience of receiving tourists from over the world offers comprehensive Moscow and Saint Petersburg tours. The excursion and duration of such tours can be different. In particular, tourists will probably be interested in short-term voyages (for example, on weekends, on May holidays, as a gift on March 8). For further information, contact our Russian travel agency and find more about our Russia tours.