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Sochi Tour


Sochi is the modern capital of southern Russia, the main resort town of the Krasnodar Territory. A new infrastructure, a large selection of quality hotels, including world-renowned global brands, large-scale sports facilities erected for the 2014 Olympics and attracted tens of thousands of tourists to the resort. More than 5 million tourists visit it only in the summer. All resorts in Sochi hospitably open the doors to adults and children from different cities of the country and the world. The resort town of Sochi and the neighboring districts – Matsesta, Krasnaya Polyana, Dagomys, Adler, Khosta – are part of the so-called “Greater Sochi.” In Sochi tour , you will find not only an excellent cultural and entertainment program but also excellent opportunities for business meetings and conferences.


sochi Tour - Skypark

sochi Tour – Skypark


Krasnaya Polyana, Rosa Khutor, Gazprom, and Gorki provide tourists with an excellent opportunity to try themselves on the Olympic routes and enjoy the ride on the excellent snow. After all, the mild climate and moist sea air provide the slopes with beautiful weather. The developed infrastructure allows you to have fun with your family or a large group of friends. In Sochi tour , you can also find more than 100 km of routes of different levels of complexity, 39 ski lifts, snow parks, evening skating, ski schools and rental of all necessary equipment.

In the heart of the city, tourists will find a huge number of entertainment centers, green parks, bright avenues, attractions, monuments, and sculptures. Most importantly – almost from any point of the promenade zone you have a pleasant view of the sea. Healing air of the Black Sea, warm water, and a wide choice of the tourist services attract tourists all year around the world. The weather in Sochi is unique: The average air temperature of the northernmost subtropics of the world on the coast from April to November is +18 ° C; the hottest months are July and August, at this time the average temperature is + 27°C. A favorable period for bathing lasts five months: from the third decade of May to the middle of October. And 300 days of sunshine a year make the city of Sochi one of the warmest on the Black Sea coast, and there are almost no winters. That is why the resort of Sochi is called the resort of three seasons – spring-summer-autumn. The average temperature of the cold period is + 7 ° С. In the foothills, the snow cover is kept from December to April.


Sochi Tour

Sochi Tour


Travel to Russia and visit the largest sanatorium and resort complex in Russia with a well-developed and equipped medical base. The level of ultraviolet radiation in this region is optimal for humans. Only in this region of Russia sunbathing can be taken year-round in natural conditions. Healing qualities of the Sochi sea air are due to its purity (almost complete absence of dust and microorganisms) and high content of iodine and other chemical compounds useful to the body. By a combination of unique natural healing factors and the latest methodological developments, highly effective spa physicians have created effective, unparalleled complex methods in the world.

Resort Sochi is the brightest pearl of the Black Sea coast, which is already known as a landmark with its magnificent climate, picturesque nature, Pristine Kolkhida forests, azure sea and snowy peaks of the Greater Caucasus. In Sochi, you can perfectly relax not only in summer but also in winter. Krasnaya Polyana is a unique ski resort in Russia which is located near the city of Sochi. The Olympic Capital Krasnaya Polyana is a resort of international level, all major competitions of the 2014 Winter Olympics were held there.


Sochi Tour - Russia

Sochi Tour – Russia


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